Beautifully crafted in sterling silver, these necklaces each bear a glyph from the chaapa'ai, the Stargate, including the one signifying Earth. A sign of the zodiac has been assigned to each glyph, but even if astrology isn't your 'thing,' you can still wear these dazzling necklaces and show your support for your favorite show!

  • Sold with 18-inch sterling silver chain      View necklaces
  • Approximate size: 15mm x 22 mm
    $41.00 (US) * $45.00 (Can/Mex) * $48.00 (overseas)

  • Available as a charm with no chain
    $36.00 (US) * $40.00 (Can/Mex) * $43.00 (overseas)

  • Also availble in brass keychains, these glyphs are beautiful in their own right and will brighten up even the dullest collection of keys!

  • Approximate size: 22mm x 22 mm      View keychains

    $18.00 (US) * $22.00 (Can/Mex) * $25.00 (overseas)