Reader Feedback

"I know I have probably raved about this before, but I have to say... Wow. I mean, I have never looked forward to reading a story more than when I start In Another Life and just know it will be amazing. This story is by far the best thing I have ever read. Not just the best fanfiction, the best writing EVER. It brings out every emotion in me, and makes me feel so much like I am there. [This is] my third time reading it, and by the time I got 3/4 of the way through, I couldn't stop for a second, even though it was after 1 a.m., and then I had to e-mail right away to let you know just how I felt about this story. Wow. I have never cried so hard in a story. I was literally sobbing into my pillow at the end, and that is a major compliment! I do not cry easily! Please, Saraid and Sinead, keep more work like this coming. I will be a huge fan of yours for the rest of my life."


"For me it had impact -- emotional impact! I loved it! I hated it! I cried my eyes out over it! The written word doesn't do this for me very often and I will drag In Another Life out for an emotional airing when I need one!"


"I have to agree with this. I also started reading it in the night, and couldn't stop until it was finished. And I was also bawling like a baby at the end... and you know what? It didn't matter! It was just so good and so beautiful and so sweet and so loving. But it is a death story, so those who don't like those should be aware. And there are no J/B scenes. But again, it's so beautiful and loving that I, the J/B slash fanatic, didn't even care! I felt uplifted at the end of that story. It was wonderful. I've read it twice already and will be reading it again."


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