The Table of Contents

World's Oldest Living SW Fan Lori Barron3
Flagship Kate Birkel4
There You'll Be Deborah Kittle11
A Lack of Commitment Judy Ebberley12
Accidental Modulation Paul Tatting24
Out of the Darkness Amy S. Farmer40
His Father's Eyes Jude Bingham44
Maul's Fate Mary Jo Fox63
Return to Tatooine D.L. Slaten64
So, How Did You Join the Galactic Civil War? R.J. Thompson70
Mephisotopheles Rising Mary Jo Fox74
He was Supposed to Be Deborah Kittle77
Old Friends Long Gone Cindy Olsen78
You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This Deborah Kittle120
Jungle Paul J. Tatting121
Bedtime Story Valerie Vancollie122
Initiation Rites Veronica Wilson126


Nancy Stasulisfront cover
Carrie Williamsback cover

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