The Table of Contents

Cup o' Kindness Beth Honeycutt11
The brothers create a New Year's Eve tradition.

Beyond Training K. Hanna Korossy15
Dean gets a message to show up, alone, and he decides to risk it.

Nisigui LaraMee28
The brothers take on a water spirit and pay the price.

Never What It Seems K. Hanna Korossy37
Sam is having visions of his brother... dead.

It's All in the View Carole Seegraves47
Sam's starving, but Dean would rather flirt with the waitress.

Goodbye LaraMee48
Dean has to say goodbye.

Better Off Together Brate51
A crossover with the Magnificent Seven Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (OSIR) universe in which the Seven are paranormal investigators. The brother run into Larabee's OSIR team at a haunted house.

No More, No Less Carole Seegraves62
The simple act of brushing his teeth could have brought back painful memories, but Sam refused to let it.

All the Little Children JJJunky64
A Wee!chester story, and a crossover with the Magnificent Seven ATF Denver-"Little Britches" universe. At school, Dean and Sam meet Vin and JD, who invite them to come to the ranch for a sleepover, but things get complicated when a monster shows up as well.

Promises, Promises Carole Seegraves87
Half-asleep, Sam makes a promise to Dean.

A Run of Bad Luck JJJunky88
A crossover with "Larado." Sam's been arrested for murder, Dean's hunting the real monster responsible and a trio of Texas Rangers is about to run into the unexpected.


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