The Table of Contents

Once Bitten Winter11
An innocent day for the boys doesn't always end that way.

Encore K. Hanna Korossy27
It's not quite the old patterns Sam falls back into.

When Shadows Fall Winter36
The aftermath of the episode "Shadows."

Gone, but Not Forgotten Renegade56
Sam and Bobby have to lay Dean to rest, but it's not an easy thing to do.

The Cost Angela Gabriel61
Dean honors the end of the crossroads deal, but Sam's not ready to let him go.

Contemplation LaraMee81
When Sam is feverish and recovering from being hurt during a hunt, Dean unwillingly plays nursemaid -- and contemplates his life.

Should've Gone Hunting Instead Angela Gabriel86
Sam and Dean take a vacation, and things go about as well as one might expect when the boys try to do "normal."

Everything to Everyone I K. Hanna Korossy98
They all see something different when they look at Dean. Outsider points-of-view.

Everything to Everyone II K. Hanna Korossy104
They all see something different when they look at Sam. Outsider points-of-view.

The Bed by the Door K. Hanna Korossy113
Even when he's alone, Dean gets a room with two double beds.

Magic K. Hanna Korossy121
Anything is possible in a world where you sometimes wake up in a totally different place than you'd gone to sleep.

The Unlikeliest Places K. Hanna Korossy127
There was something odd about the neighbors. And the two young men who came to see them.


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