Have you ever felt a "Supernatural" episode didn't end the right way, or
if the cameras had just continued rolling long enough, you would have seen That
Scene, the one we all wished had been shown? Well, now you can! From the witty
mind of K. Hannah Korossy comes a huge collection of missing scenes and/or tags to
the second season episodes that will pull you in and hold you spellbound to the very
last page! Included is a second-season episode guide so you'll know exactly what happened
in each ep -- no confusion or being lost. This guide puts you right back into the episode so
you'll enjoy each missing scene and tag. Don't miss this fantasic zine!

The Table of Contents

In My Time of Dying K. Hannah Horossy11
Everybody Loves a Clown K. Hannah Korossy24
Bloodlust K. Hannah Korossy45
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things K. Hannah Korossy49
Simon Said K. Hannah Korossy54
No Exit K. Hannah Korossy60
The Usual Suspects K. Hannah Korossy69
Crossroads Blues K. Hannah Korossy75
Croatoan K. Hannah Korossy112
Hunted K. Hannah Korossy116
Playthings K. Hannah Korossy124
Nightshifter K. Hannah Korossy149
Houses of the Holy K. Hannah Korossy163
Born Under a Bad Sign K. Hannah Korossy170
Tall Tales K. Hannah Korossy194
Roadkill K. Hannah Korossy197
Heart K. Hannah Korossy208
Hollywood Babylon K. Hannah Korossy216
Folsom Prison Blues K. Hannah Korossy220
What Is, and What Should Never Be K. Hannah Korossy239
All Hell Breaks Loose K. Hannah Korossy253
Season 2 Episode Guide K. Hannah Korossy256


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