The Table of Contents

Timeline Dovya Blaque Vampires 4
Story Synopses Dovya Blaque Vampires 5
Fledglings Dovya Blaque Miami Vice 18
The Ties That Bind Pamela J. Corsa Houston Knights 19
Looking In from Outside Dovya Blaque Houston Knights 36
Cover Me Teal Sumner Miami Vice 37
One Dovya Blaque Miami Vice 46
Spirits in the Night Gene S. Delapenia Miami Vice 47
Two Good Men Dovya Blaque Miami Vice 50
Leap of Faith Jonni Corday Quantum Leap 51
Discovery Dovya Blaque Quantum Leap 73
Time Travelers Dovya Blaque Miami Vice/Quantum Leap 74
Out in the Street Gene S. Delapenia Miami Vice 75
The Price You Pay Aletha Wyndsor Equalizer 77
Self Interests Dovya Blaque Miami Vice 136
Independence Day Dovya Blaque 21 Jump Street 137
Renegade Souls Dovya Blaque Booker 146


Elaine Cole Front Cover

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