The Sarnie of Contents

The Holiday Mirenna1
Marley Jane Mailander5
Bodie's Book of Words to Live By Khrystyna19
Each and Every Day of the Year Vonne Shepard20
Motheaten Dr. Suess21
Suprise Serving Sue Wells23
Dances with Wolves Jane Mailander31
Happy Birthday, Mr. Murphy H. Ann Walton35
Shagged Out Michelle Christian47
Celebration Alex T. MacKenzie51
Cartoon Karen Eaton56
Scrambled Eggs Terence57
Bodie's Book of Words to Live By Khrystyna68
Bats in the Belfrey Gena Fisher69
Namecalling Caroline Quinn79
Cartoon Karen Eaton88
The Spell Lily Fulford89
Slip in Time Lily Fulford94
Weekend at Murphy's Gena Fisher116


Karen EatonFront Cover
H. Ann Walton44
Corinna Hansen101

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