The Table of Contents

A Poet's Tale JulienA Knight's Tale 5
Remembering / Forgetting JulienPride and Prejudice 7
An Ideal Friend JulienAn Ideal Husband 10
The Case of the Degenerates JulienThe Hound of the Baskervilles 15
Estel JulienLord of the Rings 17
Neither Up nor Down Jane CarnallThe Professionals 26
Poems Linda TerrellThe Professionals 28
Fear of Flying Linda TerrellThe Professionals 30
Proof Positive Michelle ChristianProof 33
Kissing Cousins JulienTed & Ralph 36
The Love That Dares JulienTed & Ralph / Queen of the Damned 60
Revelation JulienMillenium 67
Beautiful Things JulienVelvet Goldmine 74
Remorse JulienStingers 77
Desires JulienAngel 84
Me and Tyler Durden JulienFight Club 87
A Black Thing JulienJudging Amy 89
Control Jane CarnallThe West Wing 92
Swing Away JulienSigns 93
Guilt JulienThe X-Men 2 97


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