The Table of Contents

He Probably Tried to Do Something Julien L.A. Confidential 5
Deceptive Appearances Fern Clarke Stargate SG-1 10
Nothing, Nada, Nihil, Nix Julien Highlander 16
Shadow Self Pamela Rose Homicide: LotS 22
The Gray Twilight Sandy H. The X-Files 74
Roughnecks Julien Armageddon 80
Last Night on Earth Julien Armageddon 85
Those Who Remain Fern Clarke Armageddon 89
Faint Scent of Roses Wally The Professionals 92
Mythology Keiko Kirin Velvet Goldmine 112
In the Gutter, Dressed in Glitter,
Looking at Stars
Pam RoseVelvet Goldmine120

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