The Table of Contents

Due Voyagers Gillian Middleton Due South/Voyager 6
The Things Men Do Julien The Devil's Own 15
Disinvolvement Elizabeth Holden The Professionals 35
Immergence Gwyneth Rhys The X-Files 39
The Loose Cannon Julien The Last Don 47
Who Needs Enemies? Quill Due South 55
Forgiveness Stew That Was Then,
This is Now
Natural Defenses Taylor Collins The Sentinel 70
Chance of a Lifetime Stew K2 81
An Audience of One Aunty Entity The Professionals 89
Ellipsis Julie Kramer MacGyver 97
Lonely Hunter ThomasVampire Chronicles 109
Seeing Is Michelle Christian Proof 116
Expect the Unexpected Julien Men in Black 120
Homicide: Life on the Side Pamela Rose Homicide: LOTS 125

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