The Table of Contents

Alcherings Annie Stuart My Own Private Idaho 7
Flights of Angels Debbie Hicks Battlestar Galactica 11
Catching Up Stew Indiana Jones 19
Weills of a Summer Night Barbara Tennison Eroica 31
Never Pansies Jane Carnall Myth 35
Hard, Harder, Hardest Stew The Hard Way 37
Solo Maggie Hall The Professionals 43
Look Away Auntie Entity The Professionals 47
The Gentlemen Prefer Blonds Affair Jane Carnall
& Atropos
The Professionals/MUNCLE 55
Married to the Job Edwina Harvey The Professionals 61
Humble Beginnings Auntie Entity The Professionals 63
The Do-It-Yourself
Bodie/Doyle Story
Susan Douglass The Professionals 67
Lovemates Jesse's Girl Elfquest 69
Midnight at the Lost and Found Kari D'Herblay The Three Musketeers 75
Dale's Dance Stew Twin Peaks 79
Fatalities Bryn Lantry Blake's 7 99
Mephistopheles and the Hero Bryn Lantry Blake's 7 102
A Riddle Bryn Lantry Blake's 7 105
But, Batman...There is No Adventure Arcane Annie Booker 107


Shayne McCormack 66
Stew 80
Annie 86, 94

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