This fandom is based upon a mock-documentary which looks at a veteran punk rock band taking one final stab at the big time. Singer Joe Dick, guitarist Billy Tallent, bassist John Oxenberger and drummer Pipefitter were the members of Hard Core Logo, a Vancouver-based rock band that was one of Canada's biggest and most influential punk outfits for the better part of a decade. Formed in 1978, Hard Core Logo broke up in 1991 after releasing seven albums and playing over a thousand shows; Joe went on to play the occasional solo gig, Billy moved to L.A. and has been sitting in with platinum-selling alternative pop band Jennifur while their guitarist tries to kick drugs, John has been putting his life back together after a severe nervous breakdown, and Pipefitter hasn't been doing much of anything. Word begins to circulate that Bucky Haight, one of the seminal figures of Canadian punk and Joe's mentor, lost a leg (or maybe both) following a mysterious incident in which intruders shot him after breaking into his prairie farmhouse. Joe organizes a benefit for Bucky, with Hard Core Logo reuniting for the occasion; the show is a huge success, and Joe persuades Billy to join him, John and Pipefitter for a five-date reunion tour to cash in on the benefit's notoriety. Billy, killing time while he waits to find out if his spot in Jennifur will become permanent, is more than a bit preoccupied, and his desire for professionalism doesn't mesh especially well with Joe's take-it-as-it-comes attitude -- especially after it becomes evident that Joe's purposes for reuniting the band weren't as benevolent as they seemed.


$18.00 (US) * $22.00 (Can/Mex) * $25.00 (overseas)
Type: slash

With a lovely color cover and b&w interiors by Shar, here is a collection of Hard Core Logo and Due South stories previously printed in various multimedia zines. Hard Core Logo stories include: Shiny; Insecurities; In the End; Lucky. Due South stories include: Rut; Face to Face; Ready (co-written by Sehkmet); Going On; Told You; Sharp; Trust. Ready and Trust are new, exclusive to this collection.