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Guard Dog Susan MacdonaldBuffy the Vampire Slayer / Grimm 3
Buffy had made Spike promise to protect Dawn and he was determined to keep his word.

Guilt by Association JJJunkyDark Angel 8
Difficult though it is, Joshua attempts to protect Alec.

Chupacabra Ann WorthamHigh Chaparral 15
Manolito is certain the chupacabra exists, but Buck Cannon just isn't buying it.

Light at the End of the Tunnel JJJunkySupernatural 19
A ghostly encounter at a lighthouse could prove deadly.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies Wendy M.The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne 27
The League of Darkness is determined to learn the secrets of Jules Verne, but Phileas, Rebecca and Passepartout are going to protect Jules at any cost.

Why Did I Let You Talk Me into This? Lorraine AndersonCastle 61
A bet, a murder, and some drag queens . . .

The Tapestry Sheila PaulsonThe Real Ghostbusters / Grimm 76
A cursed tapestry provides a puzzle for the Ghostbusters that they are soon even more desperate to solve when it might result in Peter's death.

The White River Kappa Susan MacdonaldSupernatural 164
A hunt for a supernatural creature gives Sam and Dean the opportunity to visit a Scottish Festival.

Encounter in Portland Ann WorthamGrimm / Supernatural 181
A late night romp in the woods leads to more trouble than Monroe and Rosalee ever imagined.


Montanafront and back covers, 26
Leah Rosenthal1, 7, 13, 14, 18, 75, 161, 162, 180, 198

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