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Type: slash; contains underaged slash

In the world of "Fullmetal Alchemist" there exists a force called alchemy. Those who have the capability to use it can alchemize anything they want into something else. Though alchemy can do unimaginable things, there are two laws that govern it. The first being that you can only produce something with the exact same mass as the materials that you put in; this is called equivalent trade. The other law is that you absolutely cannot alchemize anything into a human. When brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric lose their mother at an early age, they break the second taboo and try to bring her back to life. For this, Alphonse loses his entire body and gets his soul encased in a suit of armor. Edward loses an arm and a leg. After they recover, they begin a quest to regain their bodies by finding the legendary philosopher's stone, a device that has the ability to bypass the laws of alchemy and bestow upon the user limitless power. Edward and Alphonse tread the no-man's land between man and god when they tried to ressurect their dead mother. Now, having paid the price and seeking to regain what they lost, they turn to the resources of the military and fall under the command of Colonel Roy Mustang.

This fascinating slash zine is an alternative look at what their relationship might have been. Alchemy, the military and hormones; not a good mix in anyone's book. Especially not for teenage, height-challanged boys packing enough firepower in a single clap of their hands to level a city block. Throw an unexpected crush into the mix and stand back to watch the fireworks. With color covers and interior illustrations by Hime D., this slash novel by Skydark takes you on the foibles and pitfalls of one of the most unexpected journeys in the colonel's life -- falling in love.