The Table of Contents

Dessert Khylara MacGyver 1
Fruit Cocktail Vonne Shepard Various fandoms 4
The Domino Effect Denyse Bridger The Equalizer 5
The Final Night Affair Mary Millard The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 44
Gentle Reminder Doreen Tracy Quantum Leap 63
Make My Day Ruth Kurz Pros/Harry & Johnny 67
Payback is a Mother Doreen Tracy Quantum Leap 72
Ride 'Em Cowboy Mandi Kelly Hardcastle and McCormick 76
The Safeway Compromise Leah Starsky Starsky and Hutch 81
Strawberry Blond Jeannie Marie Simon and Simon 82
Truth Games Theresa Kyle Starsky and Hutch 88

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