The Table of Contents

Her Wake K. Hanna Korossy5
Home at Last Joana Dey13
The Face of Fear Gallagater27
Light Dawns Over Marble Head Sam Walker43
To Infinity and Beyond Sam Walker45
Afterthoughts Kam47
Rebounded BeeBee55
The Feast of Samhain Rose Adair69
Deception Nancy Richardson93
With Many a Winding Turn Charli Booker147
Shades of Oannes Redbyrd159
A Time to Every Purpose Melissa Beattie183
Games People Play JoaG193
Parts Kiva221
Winter's Thaw Babs225
In Knots Yuma249
A Gift of a Friend Cathy253


Cathyfront cover
Lightfoot26, 106, 116, 199, 228

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