The Table of Contents

Friends and Family M.R.Due South 1
Hope M.R.Due South 7
September Morning Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 9
Who Stand and Wait M.J.ER 33
Of Prejudice and Pride Arien L. BlackShadow Chasers 37
Hate Speech PenemuelWest Wing 52
Distant Towers Sheila PaulsonPlanet of the Apes 57
The Shadowless Day Arien L. BlackShadow Chasers 74
Tea and Sympathy Royce DayDr. Who 86
Healing Process QwikThe Sentinel 95
The Hope Affair KeiMan from UNCLE 107
A Broken Statue Lisa, Duncan's TwinThe Sentinel 111
Waiting PfyreQueer as Folk (US) 124
What is Precious, is Never to Forget M.J.The X-Files 140
Memories of New York AlleyCatStarsky and Hutch 147

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