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Sister Bertrille was a bright, exuberant young novice who brightened the lives of all at the ancient convent San Tanco, situated on a hilltop near San Juan,Puerto Rico. And not the least of Sister Bertrille's attributes was that she could fly. How? Well, "when lift plus thrust is greater than load plus drag," any object can fly, including Sister Bertrille, who weighed only 90 pounds. Whenever a stiff wind caught the starched cornette worn by her order, off she went. These aerodynamics were not always pleasant. Least impressed was her staid, conservative Mother Superior. But Sister Bertrille got along well with the wise and humorous Sister Jacqueline, and with Sister Sixto, the Puerto Rican nun who fought a running battle with the English language. Sister Bertrille was also admired, from a distance, by Carlos Ramirez, the rich, handsome playboy owner of a discotheque in town, who was a patron of the convent. Sister Bertrille's knack for finding trouble was overshadowed by her sincere desire to do good and benefit her poor community. And when she realized that her desire for Carlos was more than just friendly, and that it was returned in full, Sister Bertrille, or Elsie, as she had been known in her previous life, had to make an impossibly hard decision -- should she ignore her heart and take her vows, forever sealing her away from a life outside the convent walls, or should she give up being a nun for the one man she truly loved? Bride of Christ or bride of Carlos? This trio of stories by Melody Clark will hold you spellbound until the last word!