$21.00 (US) * $25.00 (Can/Mex) * $28.00 (overseas)

Type: slash

Set 500 years in the future, Firefly takes place in the furthermost reaches of the galaxy, in the wake of a civil war that has turned the universe into a dark, paranoid place, ruled by a totalitarian government called The Alliance. On a Firefly-class ship called Serenity, Captain Mal Reynolds, a defeated soldier who opposes the Alliance government, hurtles around the galaxy towards whatever booty he can plunder, to keep fuel in his tanks and food on the table. To earn a bit of extra cash, he and his crew take passengers onboard to hitch rides around the galaxy, or any job they can find that pays good coin. In this digest zine, these tales by the talented J.M. Griffin explore the attraction and feelings between Mal and Simon, the doctor on board ship, while the rest of the crew is either aware of it or not, and continues on with trying to avoid having the 'verse kill them without meaning to. Most stories have been previously posted, but J.M. Griffin has written one tale exclusively for this zine, which can't be found anywhere else! Alternately funny, sad and dramatic, these stories are not to be missed!


$26.00 (US) * $30.00 (Can/Mex) * $33.00 (overseas)

Type: gen

From the labyrinthine mind and deft hand of inlovewithnight comes a digest-sized zine of previously posted tales about the entire Serenity crew -- find out what it's like to be a Companion on a spaceship, millions of miles from the civilization of the Core; peer behind the thick, impenetrable walls of Jayne Cobb and see what goes on in his heart and mind; watch as Book comes to understand each and every soul on board, and realizes they're not as far away from God as he first supposed; experience Mal's white-hot rage when Kaylee brings aboard a former Alliance officer who ordered the massacre of many of Mal's troops, and much more. From sadness and tears to laughter and love, these stories will hold you spellbound to the very last page. Don't miss this zine!