Q: Is shipping and handling included in the cost of the zines?
A: Yes, all shipping and handling is included in the price of each zine.

Q: Why are there three prices for each zine?
A: Because we include shipping and handling in the cost of the zine. To figure out which price to use, choose which area best describes where you are having the zine shipped to: USA, Canada/Mexico or overseas.

Q: Can I get a refund if the zine I want isn't available?
A: We do not give refunds, but do issue a credit for the amount of the unavailable zine, which may be used on your next order.

Q: How long is a gift certificate or AWS-issued credit available?
A: All credit and gift certificates are good for one year from the date they are issued. We are required by our bank to hold firm to this policy, so we can not redeem any credit or gift certificates after they expire.

Q: Why don't you have a shopping cart on your webpage?
A: We're working on that and hope to have one installed soon.

Q: Why am I only getting the main page and why don't the links work?
A: If you have a Webtv account and are experiencing trouble pulling up some of the pages, you are unfortunately the recipient of a Microsoft Messenger upgrade which is causing some webpages to go blank or not load. There's nothing we can do on this end, sadly -- your best bet is to call up a Webtv representative and ask them how to fix the problem. Friends with Webtv accounts have told me this is an easily fixable thing, thankfully.

Q: Why are both 'gen' and 'slash' listed under 'type' for some zines? Does that mean there are two versions?
A: If 'gen' and 'slash' are both given, it means that the zine contains both of those types of stories. Only if it says 'gen and slash versions available' does it mean that there are two separate versions of that zine.

Q: Why didn't I get an e-mail confirmation on my order?
A: Since we don't yet have a shopping cart, we don't have the software that automatically e-mails a confirmation to you when you place an on-line order. There is a screen that comes up after you hit the 'submit' button on the order form that says 'Order Confirmation' and gives you the delivery times for domestic and overseas orders. This is the only confirmation you get right now. Since we're a small business, we can either spend time sending out individual confirmations or spend time filling orders. We'd rather do the latter.

Q: I sent my order in two days ago. Why haven't I gotten my zines yet?
A: While we ask for 2-4 weeks for domestic orders to be shipped out, and 4-6 weeks for overseas orders, we often get zine orders shipped out within a couple of days if the zines are in stock. If not, sometimes we have to go to an editor for more zines or reprint the needed zines ourselves. We also go to a lot of out-of-state conventions (see the link 'cons' at the top of the page) and are gone for sometimes a full week or more. This means an order might take a little longer. Please wait until the full 2-4 weeks or 4-6 weeks has expired before inquiring. Each order we have to research takes away from the time we spend filling orders.

Q: It's been four weeks and I haven't gotten my zine yet. Why?
A: More than likely, the editor we've requested the zine from is running a little behind. Usually, we e-mail you to let you know this and give you a choice of waiting until the zine comes in and getting the full order at once, or having us send a partial order now and the other zine when it arrives. If we fail to let you know this, I do apologize most sincerely, but as I mentioned, we're a small company and sometimes notifications slip through the cracks. Filling these orders takes time. Since this is a hobby and not our profession, we can only devote so much of our free time. Like most of you, we also have professional (work) and personal (family, advanced education, etc.) commitments.

Q: I sent in a Paypal payment, so why didn't I get my zine?
A: Did you also fill out an online order form? Since the order forms generate an order for us to fill, without that form, we're not aware that you've ordered anything. Likewise, if you've filled out the form, but stop before you hit the 'submit' button to go off to Paypal to make a payment, that order has not been sent in. You should submit the order first, then go to Paypal. Or go to Paypal, but come back to the order form and hit 'submit'.

Q: Do you have any zines with my favorite fandom in them?
A: We sure do! And the best way to find them is to use the search engine. It will pull up any zine, including multimedia zines, that have the fandom you're looking for. This is also a great way to find stories by your favorite author or artwork by your favorite artist. The search engine is a great tool that can help you find just about anything. And if nothing comes up on your first try, you might try shortening your request to just one or two key words, like 'Xena' instead of 'Xena: Warrior Princess.'

Q: I wrote you several e-mails in the last few days and you didn't answer any of them. Are you ignoring me?
A: No, absolutely not. We try to answer e-mail immediately, but sometimes we're out of town at a convention and unable to answer your e-mails quickly. If you're curious, check out our list of cons (the 'cons' link is at the top of the page) and see where we'll be and when. Don't forget to figure in travel time, as we drive everywhere we go. If we haven't answered an e-mail within a week, please write again.

Q: I wanted to buy a particular zine at a con you were at, but you'd sold out.
A: That happens a lot, especially with brand new zines. The best way to insure that a zine you want to buy doesn't sell out on you is to submit a pre-con order form (look under the 'orders' link at the top of the page). When you send us a list of zines you want to pick up at a con, we'll package them and hold them for you behind our tables. This also works great for older zines you're not sure we'll be bringing (the more new zines we have, the fewer older zines we can bring). You can go through our webpage, work up a list of zines you want and send them in as a pre-con order form, then pick them up at the con at your leisure.

Q: How do I submit a story for one of the zines you've got listed on the 'upcoming zines' page?
A: You send your story, poem or artwork to Mysti in an e-mail stating it's a submission and she'll take it from there. We're always looking for unposted stories or novellas to publish, too! If you're not sure, ask! We don't bite! (Unless you ask nicely.)

Q: I have a question you haven't answered here. How do I get an answer?
A: Send your question to Mysti and she'll be happy to answer it for you. If enough people ask, it may even be added to this list!

Thanks for taking the time to view our FAQ!