Type: gen

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While surveying land for a settlement Legolas plans in North Ithilien, he, Gimli, Gandalf and Faramir discover an underground city, and a passage where a stone globe guards the entrance into a world of strange zones of time. Out of the zones come five people Varian, a healer from the distant future, Scott and Fred from the 1970s, Willaway from the 1960s, Liana, half human/half alien and a cat that may have special powers, fleeing a land where Vampires rule. When a Vampire's slave, an elf who has been long lost in the zones, follows them, seeing freedom, he sets the stage for a confrontation that could endanger all of Middle-earth. Written by Sheila Paulson, who weaves together two universes while managing to deftly give background on both, this Fantastic Journey / Lord of the Rings novel will hold you spellbound to the very last page!