The Table of Contents

Control Jackie Edwards The Equalizer 2
A Second in Eternity Debra Hicks Lethal Weapon 16
Shade-y Thoughts Marcia Brin Shades of L.A. 17
Too Soon Returned to Earth David Gordon Star Trek 19
Lord of Time Betty Ragan Doctor Who 25
Never to Forget Laura M. Campbell Doctor Who 26
Meeting of the Minds Louann Qualls Quantum Leap 30
Getting Personal Helen L. Wheldon Tour of Duty 34
China Beach Legacy Valerie DeVries Tour of Duty 60
Rabid Season David Gordon Cartoon 61
The Shadows that Shadow Beth Altman Beauty & the Beast
/Shadow Chasers
Medallions Rita Ractliffe The A-Team 75
Colours of Life Merlin Robin of Sherwood 78
In the Magic Forest Janet P. Reedman Robin of Sherwood 79
The Hunter Janet P. Reedman Robin of Sherwood 80
Stolen Thunder Melinda Reynolds
& Judy Darnell
Hardcastle and McCormick 81
Somethin' Lost Rita Ractliffe The A-Team 88
Blood Brothers Valerie DeVries Young Brothers 92
To My Brother, Red Deer Valerie DeVries Young Riders 94
Chosen Path CarolMel Ambassador Star Trek: TNG 95
Not Exactly Normal Jean Chabot Batman 97
Threat David Gordon Superman 98
Distance and Skin Horse Sue-Anne Hartwick The Professionals 111
Rumors and Guesses and Innuendo Alison Wilson Starsky and Hutch 113


Jeanne McClure 1, 13, 79, 80
TB 33, 63
Anja Gruber 112

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