The Table of Contents

Honor in a Shallow Cup Denise Sheets Miami Vice 1
Building a History Teresa Sarick Miami Vice 28
Time After Time After Roberta Rogow Star Trek 29
From Apollo's Diary Teresa Sarick Battlestar Galactica 32
Situation Reversed CarolMel Ambassador Star Trek 33
The Conn Game Anne Collins Smith Star Trek 34
A Man of Command CarolMel Ambassador Battlestar Galactica 41
Deja Vu Jackie Edwards The Equalizer 42
Verses for My LadyHawke Sarah Macht-DeWitt LadyHawke 66
A Little Less Than Kin Sheila Paulson The Master 68
Still the Dead Leah Rosenthal
& Ann Wortham
Bizarro 7 95
No More Awakenings Kathy Hintze Blake's 7 105
Call Him Stingray Teresa Sarick Stingray 149
The Beach Teresa Sarick Harry O/Dr. Who 150
Dick Stetmeyer's P.O.V. Teresa Sarick Misfits of Science 168
The Best Mirror Lee St. David Matt Houston 169
Missing From Action Valerie DeVries The Professionals 192
Mates Sue-Anne Hartwick The Professionals 207
Child's Play Kathy Kipper The Professionals 208


Leah Rosenthal 96, 103

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