The Table of Contents

Reason to Love LilyK5
Sometimes facing the past is a prerequisite to having a future. Sometimes the help to do it comes from unexpected places.

The Plan KAM18
Friends can sometimes see things a man, or two, can't see for themselves. Then again...

Have You Seen This Man? Legion30
A fluke accident, caused by carelessness, may have ended Jim's life, and this time, it's Blair to the rescue.

Getting It Akablonded61
Sometimes men are dense. Sometimes they 'get it.'

Secret Santa Jamie Ritchey71
As the holidays approach, Jim discovers the perfect gift for Blair.

Edges of Heaven J.M. Griffin83
Jim and Blair's son, Eli, and his Sentinel, Nick, finally can have everything they wanted, but when Nick is injured, some ugly truths surface that may end their relationship.


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