The Table of Contents

By Wisdom, Peace Annie Stuart Highlander 6
Ever After Barbara Tennison Eroica 12
Dealing with the Rage Stew Batman Returns 21
There are Five Lights Jane Carnall Star Trek: TNG 25
Betrothed Annie Stuart Highlander 41
Requiescat Stew Tombstone 42
For Thou Art Framed of
the Firm Truth of Valour
Stew Tombstone 53
Then I Defy You, Stars Stew Tombstone 58
Play for Blood Stew Tombstone 95
Time-Crossed Lovers Jane Carnall The Professionals 99
Sonnets: Wiseguy Jane Mailander Wiseguy 102
The Ineffable, The Infernal
and The Inelegant
Stew Good Omens 104
Wake Up and Smell the Cappuccino! Jane Carnall Garfield 110
Eden's Eighth Day Julien Due South 111
Live to Tell Annie Stuart Lois and Clark 127
Next Weekend Annie Stuart Lois and Clark 131
Great Shades of Elvis Annie Stuart Lois and Clark 137

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