The Table of Contents

Transgressions Denyse M. BridgerRobin of Sherwood 11
Life for Robin and the others becomes more complicated when a strange woman joins the band.

A Storybook Ending JJJunkyHogan's Heroes / 12 O'Clock High 74
When Colonel Joseph Gallagher ends up in German hands, it's a good thing he's sent someplace where there are friends who can help him escape.

Sumerian Surprise Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 97
Peter has a bad feeling, and, as usual, he's right.

On the Road Again Teri SarickThe X-Files 134
Mulder and Scully are on the run with baby William.

Small Problem Susan MacdonaldShe Spies 150
The ladies have a small problem that requires their attention.

Assistants Teri SarickMultimedia 159
A meeting of the assistants can provide amazing revelations.

Six and Two RubygirlStargate: Atlantis 177
Ronon gives Sheppard some advice.

The New Frontier Sue-Ann SarickStar Trek: TNG / Lazarus Man 180
When the Lazarus Man finds himself on board the Enterprise, his life is forver changed, but learning to live in this future world is going to take some getting used to, as well as some friends to help him along the way.


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