$27.00 (US) * $35.00 (Mex/Can) * $38.00 (overseas)
Type: slash

What brings two people together? Is it circumstance? Fate? Luck? Are there souls in this world destined to meet? Do soulmates exist? How do our choices affect our outcomes? Whatever it was that brought Drew Baylor and John Depford together that fateful night in the corridor of the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, may well have been some form of kismet. Coming together, though, is only one step in the journey. The path to staying together is strewn with hard work, countless obstacles, and many choices. At this point in time, Drew Baylor, who had spent eight years of his life in conception and design, has no blueprint for his future. John Depford, the writer, has unfolded a blank page in his personal memoir, uncertain how to fill it. The only thing either of them is truly sure of is that something profound transformed them both the night they met, altering their course, reconfiguring their destination, bringing them to this crossroad. In the road trip of life, there are many signposts. The question: Which ones do they heed?

This novel-length sequel, written by Glow, picks up where the events of Kentucky Sons left off, following the lives of the endearing characters from the first novel while introducing us to more memorable characters who inhabit this world. Through humor, reflection, trials and tribulations, steamy passion, and an abundance of heart and love, Drew and JD work to figure out this thing called life and their place within it. Come share their journey!


$27.00 (US) * $35.00 (Can/Mex) * $38.00 (overseas)
Type: slash

Question: What would happen if Glow, one of fandom's most beloved slash writers, rewrote the Orlando Bloom movie Elizabethtown -- but this time cast Johnny Depp as the love interest? Answer: A tender, mature, and scorchingly-hot romance between two of the world's most beautiful men! Come meet Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom) -- a young man who has lost his career, his father, and his sense of self, and JD Depford (Johnny Depp) -- the stranger in the night who comes to his aid. You'll enjoy being a fly on the wall as these Kentucky scions are intimately drawn together despite their best laid plans. Don't miss this captivating novel!