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Make Believe Natasha SoltenWiseguy 3

The Doctor Who Loves You Dovya BlacqueDoctor Who / Torchwood 4

Aftershocks Theresa KyleHighlander 5
In the aftermath of Duncan and Methos' run-in with Cassandra, the two friends must face the task of facing the truth about Methos' past, and Duncan must weigh who Methos was in ancient times and who he has become now against the feelings that he has been harboring for the ancient Immortal.

Hero Worship Starr CopelandHawaii 5-0 30

Always the Ailsmaid Sekhmet and BastSahara 31
At a wedding, Al Giordino is asked by one of the many women hovering around Dirk Pitt, why Dirk was unmarried. When Al told her the truth, she wasn't at all happy with his answer.

For Jack Dovya BlacquePirates of the Caribbean 33

Confession Starr Copeland Stargate: Atlantis/i> 34

Eia Au, Eia 'Oe (Here I Am, Here You Are) Orithain and RinaHawaii 5-0 35
After his little brother is long-gone and out of Danny's sphere of influence, Danny is faced with the ugly fact that Matt is a criminal who fled justice on his watch. Not knowing what to do with all the emotions this causes, Danny goes to the one place he knows he can be without question. Trouble is, Catherine is there when he arrives.

Two Six-Word Poems on Love Dovya BlacqueWiseguy 52

Should Haves and Could Haves TLRRizzoli and Isles 53
While Jane is in surgery following a shooting, Maura puts pen to paper to help her make it through the long wait for her friend's life to be saved.

Speechless Dovya BlacqueThe Sentinel 56

You'd Do Anything BastSherlock Holmes 57
An admission by Sherlock leads John to the conclusion that the great detective is as lonely as he is himself. His solution fits both their needs and desires.

Brass Ring Dovya BlacqueThe Sentinel 59

Let It Die BastS.W.A.T. 60
Jim Street continues to be haunted by the necessary shooting of his ex-partner, Brian Gamble. During the day, he could suppress the memory. It was at night that things became difficult.

Six Words Upon Observation Dovya BlacqueSherlock Holmes 62

Two Six-Word Poems on Love 2 Dovya BlacqueStargate: Atlantis 62

Aloha Star CopelandHawaii 5-0 63

No Turning Back Natasha SoltenWiseguy 64
Following in the wake of the encounter with Sonny's “nephew,” Lorenzo, Vinnie sees a different side to Steelgrave, a side he had no idea existed until Sonny turned to him and let him know that he truly understood what Vinnie was feeling... and made it all right for Vinnie to acknowledge his own emotions.

For Marty Dovya BlacqueMiami Vice 83

Definitions BastSahara 84
After Dirk Pitt is injured, Al Giordino refuses to leave his side, helping him recover over the slow months ahead and, in the end, all Dirk ever truly needed to remember was right there in Al's eyes.

Two Six-Word Poems on Need Dovya BlacqueKirk/Spock 88

For Blake Dovya BlacqueBlake's 7 89

Heart's Desire Linda McGeePirates of the Caribbean 90
The life Will had hoped for with Elizabeth has become a distant dream more than an immediate reality. So, when Captain Jack Sparrow appears in his life again, pulling him in a completely different direction, Will finds himself more than willing to consider Jack's proposal.

Two Bloody Six-Word Poems on Love Dovya BlacquePirates of the Caribbean 112

Forged in Blood Linda McGeePirates of the Caribbean 113
While waiting for Will to ready himself to leave Port Royal behind, Jack is attacked and injured by thugs after more than his boat and possessions. When Will arrives to find Jack a prisoner and injured, Will's pirate blood sings in his veins to care for his captain.

Capturing Lightning Linda McGeePirates of the Caribbean 129
Life aboard the Black Pearl is easier -- and more difficult -– than either Jack or Will anticipated.

For Avon Dovya BlacqueBlake's 7 141

The Flavor of Blair Natasha SoltenThe Sentinel 142
A simple question from Blair sends Jim's mind in directions Blair had never dreamed his Sentinel might go. The resulting conversation is a revelation for both men.

Two Six-Word Poems on Love 3 Dovya BlacqueThe Sentinel 146

Ex Post Facto CassattLaw and Order 147
When Ed Green left New York for a new life in California, he knew there was only one person he'd truly miss. That Jack McCoy is that person isn't even much of a surprise to him. But missing Ed was the last thing Jack ever thought would happen to him.

A Word from Our Sponsor Dovya BlacqueCurrent Events 209


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