The Table of Contents

The Other Side of the Line KhylaraThe X-Files 3
Last Touch KhylaraThe Phantom Menace 4
Stolen Moments Natasha SoltenWiseguy 5
Lifeline Maxine B. CurryCSI: Las Vegas 19
A Heartbeat and a Leap KhylaraQuantum Leap 36
Headed for a Fall Elise MadridBatman / Nightwing 37
Aftermath HelenThe Phantom Menace 51
Acolyte Dovya blacqueWiseguy 52
The King's Spirit Chris. J. UeberallLord of the Rings 53
A Watcher's Love KhylaraHighlander 76
By the Jukebox Natasha SoltenWiseguy 77
Taking a Different Road Nadja LeeStar Trek (TOS) 81
Forty Years On Fiona PicklesThe Champions 107
Fulcrum Starr CopelandSupernatural 111
Bedside Vigil KhylaraMiami Vice 112
Collision Course Starr CopelandCSI: Las Vegas / The Sentinel 113
A Change of Heart Basrt and SekhmetCompany Business 125
The "L" Word Theresa KyleHighlander 129
Vinnie's Fight Natasha SoltenWiseguy 141
Hidden Heart Starr CopelandCriminal Minds 154
Like Lightning Dovya BlacqueSupernatural 155

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