The Table of Contents

What if Michael Mann Did Star Trek? Natasha SoltenStar Trek (TOS) 3
Trust ValariaSmallville 4
Getting a Clue Lady of Avalon Mists & CJStarsky and Hutch 5
Abandoned Starr CopelandWest Wing 19
New Mexican Starlight Jade BryceYoung Guns 20
Instant Fire Vampyr AlexMagnificent 7 21
Missing O'Neill Starr CopelandStargate SG-1 36
Affirmation Chris J. UeberallStargate SG-1 37
Transitory Matters Melody ClarkAltered States 45
Priorities Dovya BlacqueCSI 60
Settling the Dust Asa MedaNCIS 61
Sweeping the Dirt Asa MedaNCIS 71
I Know He KNows ValariaSmallville 100
Apprentice Elise LassiterHappy Days 101
Quandary Elise LassiterHappy Days 118
A Friend in Need Anne LightThe Sentinel 119
Railroad Ties SueThe Virginian 141


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