The Table of Contents

Buried Treasure Starr Copeland seaQuest 4
Bridges to Cross Dovya Blacque Nash Bridges 5
Questions K. Braken Star Wars 19
Family Business Kyra Taylor Equalizer 20
Blue Highways Gene S. Delapenia Thunderheart 35
The Long Loneliness Starr Copeland Highlander 36
The Lazarus Heart Dovya Blacque due South 37
Missing Blake Khylara Blake's 7 45
Strong Arms Khylara War of the Worlds 46
Song of the Orphans Jonni Coday Miami Vice/psychic vampire 47
Physical Therapy Miranda Brown Bob Newhart 61
Stay Dovya Blacque Star Trek 78
The Demise of Military Discipline Khylara War of the Worlds 79
The Ties that Bind Kyra Taylor Equalizer 81
Summer Night Khylara Miami Vice 86
Out of the Blue Starr Copeland Nash Bridges 87
Fate Khylara Miami Vice 107
Until Tonight Khylara Man from U.N.C.L.E. 108
B'Elanna's Seska Khylara Star Trek: Voyager 109
Knightflight Bethany Kent Batman 111
Back Where I Belong Khylara Quantum Leap 120
To Find the Sky Dovya Blacque Taxi 121
A Sort of Homecoming Allisa Raven Stark Miami Vice 135
Waking Dovya Blacque Miami Vice 148
Body and Soul Nova Blake's 7 149

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