The Table of Contents

Miami Vice Johnnah Kincaid Miami Vice 4
Night Talk Cara J. Loup Star Wars 5
For Better or Worse Theresa Kyle Wild, Wild West 11
Vulcan Eyes Khylara Star Trek 24
A Cold Day in Hell Liz Bradford Garrison's Gorillas 25
Wishes and Vows Khylara Young Guns 44
Camera Obscura Kitty Fisher The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 45
Dreams of Wounded Knee Gene S. Delapenia Thunderheart 58
Talk Radio T.H.E. Manx War of the Worlds 59
White Johnnah Kincaid The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 62
Second Step: The Cove Morgan MacCarin Riptide 63
Unfinished Business T.H.E. Manx Highlander 71
The Healing Touch Mary L. Millard Wild, Wild West 73
Thunderheart II Gene S. Delapenia Thunderheart 80
Choose to Chance the Tide Debra Hicks Garrison's Gorillas 81
Dare to Dance the Rapids Debra Hicks Garrison's Gorillas 103
Rookie Johnnah Kincaid Nash Bridges 128
Dancin' as Fast as We Can! Jonni Corday Miami Vice/Fame 129
Courage: Part One Khylara Wild, Wild West 159
Courage: Part Two Khylara Wild, Wild West 160
A Distant Thunder Gene S. Delapenia Thunderheart 161
Empty Spaces Cara J. Loup Star Wars 163


Michael Apice Front Cover
C.J. Loup5

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