The Table of Contents

Thunderheart II Gene Delapenia Thunderheart 4
Riddles Leah Starsky Blake's 7 5
The Judas Rule Dovya Blacque Wiseguy 9
Miami Moon Khylara Miami Vice 10
First Steps Morgan MacCarin Riptide 11
Dyad Natasha Solten open to interpretation 24
No Experience Etch Houston Knights 25
Robin's Roost Dovya Blacque Batman Forever 35
Together Karin Porter Star Trek (TOS) 37
Earth Drum Gene Delapenia Thunderheart 64
Associate Shona Katt The Equalizer 65
Tropical Fruit Starr Copeland Miami Vice 73
Where Are You, Blake? Patti E. McClellan Blake's 7 74
Brotherhood Michele Hanson The Three Musketeers 75
In Aramis' Arms Dovya Blacque The Three Musketeers 82
Morning Stars Mary Millard Starsky and Hutch 83
Wait, Wonder, Hope Khylara Star Trek (TOS) 91
Dangerous Times Khylara War of the Worlds 93
Carrying On Irish Blake's 7 95
Louis' Puzzle Starr Copeland Interview With a Vampire 108
DMZ Katy Katana ST: Deep Space 9 109
Miami Rain Dovya Blacque Miami Vice 139


Alayne Front Cover, 64, 95, 139
Anja Gruber 11, 83, 93
Virginia Lee Smith 37

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