The Table of Contents

Crazy Khylara Man from U.N.C.L.E. 4
Dreams Done on a Dare Charlie M. Clint Man from U.N.C.L.E. 5
Bed and Breakfast Denyse The Equalizer 21
The Full Moon's Light Khylara War of the Worlds 26
Home A. Virdon Garrison's Gorillas 27
Whirlwind Maxine Blythe Curry The Professionals 50
If Wishes Were Horses Leah Starsky Quantum Leap 51
Nothing but Sunshine Maxine Blythe Curry The Professionals 52
Love Letter Khylara Miami Vice 53
The Letter Dovya Blacque Miami Vice 55
The Long Road Ahead Starr Copeland Highlander 75
Louis' Confession Starr Copeland Interview With a Vampire 76
I Didn't Know I'd Miss You Etch Houston Knights 77
Homecoming Khylara Quantum Leap 92
Go West, Young Man Elizabeth Ann Taylor Wild, Wild West 93
I-Sight Dovya Blacque Wild, Wild West 98
Beautiful Stranger MerLyn The Professionals 99
Two Perfect Elements Starr Copeland Miami Vice 108
New Year's Day Kitty Fisher Lethal Weapon 109
Land of Our Fathers Doyva Blacque Thunderheart 126
Fifteen Years On Doyva Blacque The Equalizer 127
Differences Khylara War of the Worlds 141
Thunderheart Gina S. Delapenia Thunderheart 144
Somewhere in the Night Theresa Kyle Miami Vice 145
Ageless Questions Starr Copeland Highlander 156


Alayne front cover
Cooper 54
Anja Gruber 110, 142

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