The Table of Contents

Burning Blue Maxine Blythe Curry The Professionals 3
Bodie Taerie Bryant The Professionals 32
Freedom Theresa Kyle Hardcastle and McCormick 33
Tide Taerie Bryant Miami Vice 48
The Miles Arlan Symons Star Wars 49
In Love with a Cop Etch Houston Knights 51
The Return Kylara Man from UNCLE 62
Three-Time Loser MerLyn Blake's 7 63
Endings and Beginnings Michelle Hanson Wiseguy 91
Legacy Dovya Blacque Highlander 98
The Consequences of Truth Denyse Equalizer 99
The Coming Home Affair Mary Millard Man from UNCLE 139
Ray Taerie Bryant The Professionals 171


Marilyn ColeFront Cover

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