The Table of Contents

Steelgrave's Ghost Sonni Castillo Wiseguy 4
Mysteries Dovya Blacque Wiseguy 5
Question and Answer Khylara Man From UNCLE 10
The Visit Joram War of the Worlds 11
Uncle Mikey Etch Houston Knights 23
Memories Khylara Quantum Leap 28
After the Darkness Kyra Taylor Equalizer 29
Ring of Truth Katy Katana Dr. Who 37
The Promise Khylara Man From UNCLE 50
Midnight Confessions Leah Starsky Starsky & Hutch 51
Weakness Khylara Blake's 7 54
To Love My Enemy Jonni Corday Enemy Mine 55
At Ma and Pa's Place Michelle Christian Wiseguy 61
Doublecross and Counteraction MerLyn Garrison's Gorillas 62
Like a River to the Sea Kitty Fisher The Professionals 109
In My Dreams Khylara Miami Vice 120
Tequila, Tears and a New Sunrise MerLyn Tequila Sunrise 121
Hard Freeze Duval War of the Worlds 134
Chain Reaction Aletha Wyndsor Equalizer 141


Alayne Front Cover

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