The Table of Contents

Falling Khylara Man From UNCLE 4
Out of the Fire Zone Robbie 21 Jump Street 5
HeartQuest Gene S. Delapenia ElfQuest 16
Satin Sheets Etch Houston Knights 17
A Certain Balance Lucinda Kerr Equalizer 25
Out in the Cold Khylara Miami Vice 42
Alien Distant Shore MerLyn Miami Vice/Psychic
Vampires/Sapphire and Steel
The Waiting Room Khylara Quantum Leap 56
Nor Iron Bars a Cage Fortune Teller Airwolf 57
My Captain Khylara The Hunt for Red October 70
Sunday in the Park with Jorge Ida Vega Miami Vice 71
Picking Up the Pieces Susan Bradford Equalizer 87
Between Two Soldiers Debra Hicks War of the Worlds 91
Something Different Khylara Wiseguy 130
Giving Thanks Khylara Wiseguy 131
The Language of the Owl Dovya Blacque Twin Peaks 132
Lundy's Gone Etch Houston Knights 133
Bags of Sand Dovya Blacque The Sandbaggers 144
The Promise Theresa Kyle Star Wars 145
Tracking the Lightning Starr Copeland Quantum Leap 162
Miracle Man Dovya Blacque Miami Vice 163


Alayne Front Cover

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