The Table of Contents

Embracing the Snake Duval War of the Worlds 5
One More Leaf Robbie Hardcastle and McCormick 23
Jungle Fever Susan K. Dundas Miami Vice 31
Pins 'n' Needles Etch Houston Knights 39
Limits Kate Wallace Equalizer 63
A Case of
Robbie Sherlock Holmes 77
Young Blood Sue-Anne Hartwick Lethal Weapon 83
Lost in the Flood MerLyn Miami Vice/Tour of Duty/
Psychic Vampires
Stardust Katy Katana Quantum Leap 101
After-Image Starr Copeland War of the World 129


Alayne Front Cover
Anja Gruber 23, 83, 125, 127
S.K. Dundas 31
Cooper 63
E.K. and KOZ 101

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