The Table of Contents

Dreamin' Sue-Anne Hartwick Lethal Weapon 5
Flowers Duval War of the Worlds 13
Sleeping With the Past Ida Vega Miami Vice/Equalizer 17
Practical Experience MerLyn "V" 55
Roll in the Hay Etch Houston Knights 65
Just Another San Diego
Sunday Morning
Robbie Simon and Simon 73
The China Sea Melody Clark Dark Shadows 97
Pillow Talk Susan K. Dundas Miami Vice 123
Journal Gene Delapenia Houston Knights 125
At the Edge Debra Hicks War of the Worlds 129
Some Like It Hot Stancio del Norte Miami Vice 133
Whose Sex Life is It, Anyway? Robyn LaSalle 21 Jump Street 137
Accustomed to Her Face Arlan Symons China Beach 161


Dragon Front Cover, 65
Cooper 17
Anja Gruber 73, 95
Alayne 16, 96, 123
T. Erickson 121
KOZ 133, 137
Kay Wells 161

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