The Table of Contents

Bless Me, Father Kate Wallace Equalizer 5
A Friend in Need Ida Vega Miami Vice 11
Back From the Pit MerLyn and Andy D. Miami Vice/Wiseguy 47
Harden My Heart Stancio del Norte Miami Vice 65
Adventures in the Wildwood Robbie Robin of Sherwood 69
The Healing Touch Deveraux Dane Equalizer 79
The Ol' Gray Hair Sue-Anne Hartwick Lethal Weapon 89
Riders on the Storm Starr Copeland 21 Jump Street 101
The Curse of Black Opal: Martin's Past Flamingo Miami Vice/Beauty and the Beast 119


Cooper Front Cover, 5, 77, 79
Susan Dundas 11
Wolff 63
KOZ 65, 101
Alayne 119

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