The Table of Contents

Midnight Moon Khylara The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 4
Working Without a Net MerLyn Miami Vice/Wiseguy 5
Anchor Taerie Bryant Wiseguy 21
That's What Friends are For Robbie Hardcastle and McCormick 25
Never Dreamed Starr Copeland Equalizer 29
The Dream Catcher Natasha Solten Twin Peaks 55
The Face of Forever Duval Houston Knights 71
Other Things in Life Than Tea Robbie Starsky and Hutch 91
Crossroads Robyn LaSalle 21 Jump Street 97
Parallel Lines Robyn LaSalle 21 Jump Street 105
Strange Fire Starr Copeland "V" 111
Aftershock Kate Wallace Equalizer 141
After the Fall Taerie Bryant Miami Vice 148
Toshi's Friend Atira Kei Miami Vice 149
Evan Starr Copeland Miami Vice 158


KOZ Front Cover, 25, 97, 105, Back Cover
Dragon5, 71, 148
Anja Gruber29
Susan Dundas149

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