The Table of Contents

Guardian Angels Wendy Rathbone Twin Peaks 4
Till Tomorrow Robyn LaSalle Young Guns 5
Into That Good Night Theresa Kyle Hardcastle and McCormick 13
A Bitter Draught Gai Sable U.F.O. 28
Sights of the Sun MerLyn Miami Vice/Psychic Vampires 46
Shadow of a Noose MerLyn Miami Vice/Psychic Vampires 60
A Star and a Shield Susan K. Dundas T.J. Hooker 77
Loner Gene Dalapenia Miami Vice 86
In Hiding Robyn LaSalle 21 Jump Street 87
Twin Dreams I Sue-Anne Hartwick Twin Peaks 106
Twin Dreams II Sue-Anne Hartwick Twin Peaks 107
Behold a White Horse Debra Hicks War of the Worlds 108
Teddy Bears' Picnic Diane Twin Peaks 158
Dancing With Shadows Dovya Blacque Miami Vice 180
Bright Star Kelly Hill Quantum Leap 195


Adrian MorganFront Cover
Angi Towski5, 180
Anja Gruber13
S.K. Dundas77
KOZ87, 158

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