The Table of Contents

Forever Man Duval Houston Knights 5
Watching Illya Cybel Harper Man from U.N.C.L.E. 23
Steelgrave Taerie Bryant Wiseguy 35
Stages Sue-Anne Hartwick Lethal Weapon 37
Judas Goat Taerie Bryant Wiseguy 38
Open to the Flame MerLyn MV/Houston Knights 39
Cross Driving Rain MerLyn Miami Vice/Equalizer 61
You 'n' Me Dalance McCasland Young Guns II 75
The Other Side Dalance McCasland Young Guns II 77
Three Loves Sue Anne Hartwick Lethal Weapon 78
3:05 A.M. on Sunday Morning MerLyn Houston Knights 79
Three Loves Taerie Bryant Wiseguy 87
Lonely Knights MerLyn Wiseguy 89
To Follow Your River Melody Clark Mountains of the Moon 93
Vincenzo Taerie Bryant Wiseguy 96
The American Dream DVS Man from U.N.C.L.E. 97
The Other Side Shanachie Miami Vice 119
Bushido Starr Copeland Miami Vice 125
Lazy Summer Days and
Houston Knights
Robbie Strum Houston Knights 127
Fragile Robyn LaSalle 21 Jump Street 137


KOZ Front Cover, 23, 119, 137
Kay Wells 5, 87, 89, 127
Dragon/Gene Delapenia37
Anja Gruber 39, 61, 97
Angi Towski/Chiya 75, 77
Gene Delapenia 78
Chiya 93
Tami Marie 125
Adrian Morgan Back Cover

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