The Table of Contents

A Wise Man Wendy Rathbone Wiseguy 4
The War Inside Wendy Rathbone Wiseguy 5
Decisions T.H.E. Manx Miami Vice 19
Now Cybel Harper Man from U.N.C.L.E. 29
Going for Twenty Cybel Harper Hardcastle and McCormick 30
Mom's Key Robbie Sturm Simon and Simon 31
Avon Smiles Gene Delapenia Blake's Seven 38
The Final Wall Duval Riptide 39
Aftermath Sue-Anne Hartwick Lethal Weapon 2 52
Rebirth Sue-Anne Hartwick Lethal Weapon 2 53
Shade Starr Copeland Miami Vice/Stingray 55
Neverland Melody Clark The Lost Boys 68
Texas-Style Comfort MerLyn Houston Knights 71
Opposites Cybel Harper Riptide 76
All I Know Stancio del Norte Miami Vice 77
The Second Road Susan K. Dundas T.J. Hooker 87
Ghosts in the Night Natasha Barry Wild, Wild West 107
Healing Touch Alisha Long Miami Vice 113
Bonded Reality Atira Kei Alien Nation 117
Blinded by the Light MerLyn Miami Vice 123
Who are You? Cybel Harper Miami Vice 133
Runner in the Night MerLyn Miami Vice 134


Kay Wells Front Cover
Anja Gruder19, 29, 39, 123, 134
KOZ52, 53, 77
S.K. Dundas87
Adrian Morgan133, Back Cover

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