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Type: slash

In this fascinating Doctor Who / BBC Sherlock Holmes novel by MJ, the game is afoot. In London, women suddenly start dying to be thin, and Mycroft Holmes can find no connection between the deaths. When Mycroft asks his brother Sherlock to investigate, Sherlock and John cross paths with the Doctor, whose TARDIS is down for the count... again. The Doctor joins forces with Sherlock and John to solve the mysterious deaths while locating a suspected alien incursion -- and is determined to meddle in matchmaking for his two oblivious new companions. Will Sherlock and John finally realize the truth about their feelings? Can Anthea help Mycroft find love with his diet doctor? Will the Doctor ever get that vacation on Mars? And will Sherlock and the Doctor survive meeting their closest counterparts on this planet -- each other? Find out in this rollicking new novel!


$32.00 (US) * $39.00 (Can/Mex) * $42.00 (overseas)

Type: gen

From the witty and fertile mind of Kittsbud come two long gen tales that together make for an amazing Torchwood / Doctor Who crossover novel. Illustrated by gorgeous color artwork pieces and an eye-catching cover that's to-die-for, Kittsbud has outdone herself! Don't miss this fantastic zine!


"Would you like a jelly baby?" Ever want to know how a Time Lord from another planet came to like an Earth candy so much? Read this zine, and maybe between the laughter and the tears, you'll find an answer!

Type: gen


The Doctor and Rose land in 1981 in Long Island, where they encounter a young girl who has run away from a nearby summer camp. When they take her back, they discover that there is more to the Piney Overlook Recreational Camp than meets the eye. Don't miss this enthralling novella by Mary Raugh!

Type: gen

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What happens in the T.A.R.D.I.S. when the lights go out? Better have air conditioning when you read this hot-hot-hot zine to find out!

Type: gen, last story is slash


When a large, blue, wheezing box suddenly appears on the Galactica from out of thin air, the crew is startled. But when a man calling himself The Doctor, along with a woman named Sarah Jane, steps out of the box, things start to get really wierd. Discovering that the Galactica and her 'rag-tag fugitive fleet' are searching for Earth, the Doctor offers to take a few of the Colonials with him to see the planet. Starbuck and Apollo volunteer, and even before they get over the shock that the blue box is much bigger inside than out, they've arrived. Unfortunately, they've travelled in time as well as space, putting them down in the middle of a science fiction convention in 'present day' America rather than 2,000 years in Earth's future, which is when the Galacticans would have linearly arrived. Met by one of a secret group of people who are still knowledgeable about Kobol and its decendents, the Doctor, Sarah Jane, Apollo and Starbuck try to explain the situation. That's when the Lumarians arrive...and all hell breaks loose! Told with a firm hand on plot and drama, while deftly mixing in humor, these three Dr. Who/Battlestar Galactica stories by M.D. Bloemker and Mary A. Fall comprise a wonderful novel that will hold you spellbound to the very last page!

Type: gen

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