The Table of Contents

Truth gf80Smallville 3
Spock's Plea KhylaraStar Trek (TOS) 14
This Time, It's Personal PythonLaw and Order 15
Flying High KhylaraMemphis Belle 24
Blood and Sand Vanessa MullenStargate SG-1 25
Affirming AngeliseRat Patrol 30
Freedom Elizabeth HoldenFirefly 33
What are Friends For? ShortsQueer as Folk 39
To Have and to Hold C. Jerry UeberallHighlander 45
Persuasion KhylaraStargate SG-1 60
The Important Ones BastDue South 61
Lesser Evils YanezInspector Rex 71
Breathe SilhouetteWithout a Trace 79
Happy Valentine's Day KhylaraHogan's Hereos 87
Come to Me KhylaraStar Trek (TOS) 98
The Alternative Moment of Truce Raid Taylor & WolfordRat Patrol 99
Escaping in America Culturevulture73Law and Order 109
All in a Day's Work AngeliseAlias Smith & Jones 122
A Short Fluff to Celebrate May Day WallyThe Sentinel 126
Bullet Elizabeth HoldenSmallville 129
The Joys of Summer Debra Lynne HicksRat Patrol 133
After the Fire KhylaraStargate SG-1 136
Change of Season JesseHighlander 137
A Secret Love KhylaraHogan's Heroes 156


Angelise30, 122

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