The Table of Contents

The Door Never Opened Raid Taylor & WolfordRat Patrol 3
The Angel and the Demon Hunter Wally 2000Angel 17
Things to Come Kyle DixonVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea 26
Fury Elizabeth HoldenSgt. Fury / Desert Peach 29
Whatever You Say PythonBarney Miller 39
The Sunshine Underground AzpouStargate SG-1 43
What is and What Should Never Be AmediaAdam-12 64
What is It? The WenchRat Patrol 68
Aftermath of Dreams KhylaraFriends 69
A Desperate Strait Tiggy MalvernDue South 77
Ride of Love AngeliseThe Sentinel 97
The Last Word PythonBarney Miller 108
Dry Heat Elizabeth HoldenQueen of Swords 111
Face to Face BastDue South 125
Snags Zeke BlackMagnificent 7 129
Burning from the Inside Out AzpouStargate SG-1 146

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