The Table of Contents

Footfalls of Memory Raid C.K. Taylor and J.B. WolfordRat Patrol 3
Heaven's Flickering Lights KhylaraBlake's 7 22
The Noble Truth of Sorrow Dovya BlaqueStargate SG-1 23
Semper Fidelis SueSpace Above and Beyond 33
Quickening Elizabeth HoldenHighlander 41
Angels in the Snow LindseyStargate SG-1 44
Two Days in the Life Joana DeyThe Professionals 51
Love Eternal BastThe Sentinel 65
Defending AngeliseThe Magnificent Seven 67
True or False Wally 2000Stargate SG-1 71
Loose Ends Tiggy MalvernDue South 72
Hidden Truths BastTombstone 91
The Sweetest Lips AzpouStargate SG-1 95
Jack RowanStargate SG-1 106
Phantoms Claudia EdsonVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea 107
Blood-Red Hearts Elizabeth HoldenThe Professionals 109
A Morning's Missive RowanStargate SG-1 115
Watching: Blake KhylaraBlake's 7 116
The Regulations Say Wally2000Stargate SG-1 117
Into Darkness Unrelenting Debra Lynne HicksRat Patrol 119

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