The Table of Contents

Sweet Dreams Catherine Woldow Multi 1
A Number One Steele Roberta Rogow Remington Steele/A-Team 2
The Time of Your Life David Gordon T.J. Hooker/A-Team 35
Search the Universe Marci Erwin T.J. Hooker/A-Team 45
A Case of Mistaken Identity C. Fint Indiana Jones/Tommy Lillard 46
Wonderfulness of It All Affair Charlene KirbyMan from UNCLE/I Spy 59
Answers Tena Dow Multi 72
Friday The Thirteenth Tena Dow Multi 73
Period of Adjustment Sheila PaulsonBattlestar Galactica/Space: 1999 90
Treasure Chest Joyce Devine &
Lynda Vandiver
Indiana Jones/Twilight Zone 122
Moving Violation Teresa Troutman Man from Atlantis/CHiPs 127
Never Trust a Smiling Kzin Jeffrey TolliverStar Trek 136
Beyond Antares Sharon A. YoungStar Trek 137
Visit to a Small Planet Geraldine Sylvester T.J. Hooker/Star Trek 138
Mixed Media Cross Worlds Marci Erwin T.J. Hooker/Star Trek 141
A Patient Outlook P.E. Kinlock M.A.S.H./Star Trek 237

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